The phrase: “I’ve found my soulmate” or “I’m in Love” is about as authenic as the tooth fairy.  In the real world each phrase has no significance in the quest for love; or does each phrase defines the primary qualities and connections in an individual’s romantic companionship.  Dependent upon the group of people who are expressing their opinions about love;  Love is viewed either negatively or positively.  There are many types of people in our society with a variety of values, beliefs, attitudes, and motivations.  No two people are alike–our individuality is what makes us unique.  Our uniqueness provides us with the motivations, expectations, and perceptions for love.  Usually people who were victims of betrayal of love, the lonely, the scorn, and the bitter have negative opinions about love–such as–“Fuck Love”, “Love Hurts”, “Love loves nobody”, or “Love will get you killed”.  In contrast–The optimistic lovers express love as an ultimate bliss–A Heavenly feeling only one that is truly in love can imagine.  Then there’s the ultimate question.  If love was so wonderful–why does 50% of all marriages in America end in Divorce?  How can we instill positive values concerning love in our future generation.  There are many questions concerning the true value of Love according to societies expectations.  So What is your view about Love?  In a mutual Relationship is Love real? Or is finding a soulmate’s real?